Vittorazi Cosmos 300 | MY23 Paramotor/Paratrike

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User Manual: Available Here

Maintenance Manual: MY22 Available Here - MY23 Available Here

Installation Manual: Available Here - MY23 Available Here

Working on power to push us beyond the known limits, following a new path: the Cosmos 300, the last engine of the Vittorazi company, is a concentration of exceptional power and balance, created from important research. It is the ideal engine for trikes, but also suitable for minimal ultralights and hang gliders, given its aeronautical characteristics. It is perfect for schools, professionals and experienced users. Its fundamental characteristics are comfort and reliability, thanks to the presence of elements such as the counter-rotating shaft, liquid cooling, and the dual-spark system. The engine has also designed for a long TBO (Time Before Overhaul). Particular attention to detail has been made, a true trademark of Vittorazi. An engine that is a real gem, in short: low fuel consumption, low noise, elegant finishes and a range of propellers designed for paramotors up to 160 cms in diameter!


****No longer included: ACC176 Aluminum Motor Spacers, C405 Radiator Upper Supports Plate, C406 Radiator Lower Support Plate, and ACC173 Radiator Cover.