Vittorazi Wood Prop

  • Vitorrazi Moster 185 Wooden Prop

    Genuine Vittorazi Wooden Propeller, Gorgeous Wood Grain with the Moster 185 Cooling Profile. 125 or 130cm with a 2.68 reduction.

  • Prop Tape | SkySportsUSA

    Polymer Clear Prop Tape - .014 thickness - Sold in 12 x 2 inch strips to cover the last third or more of the props leading edge and around the tip. Custom Sizes are available upon request. Cut 2 strips 1/4 to 3/4 x 1 foot. Clean the prop with windex...

  • SkySportsUSA Prop Covers

    SkySportsUSA Branded  Prop Cover. The Silver in our logo and on the end of the cover is reflective for High Visibility!

    Was: $49.99
    Now: $39.99