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Vittorazi Moster 185 Factory R 2.87 

The Factory-R maintains and extends the typical features of the Factory release. These features allow you to keep the engine weight low: use of carbon components, titanium screws, fully machined components. Important work was done on the engine to increase the power output; a lot of work has been made on engine timing and on the air intake, with a new carburetor that has a larger diameter.

Includes a Carbon Fiber Airbox and Carbon Fiber Cooling Shroud.


Please Note: Does not come with prop. Vittorazi recommends a 140cm length Helix prop available here.


Airbox: The new carbon fibre airbox is a combination of lightness and high performance: it's always able to offer a quick restart at any speed, the volumes and fluid dynamics of the system have been improved and consumption has been reduced by 10-15% at the cruise speed (5.000- 6.000 RPM). The fuel system filter has a double layer of sponge that blocks the passage of impurities.

Exhaust: The exhaust of the new Factory R is completely chromed, has a second joint reinforced with a "double rib", the bushing is in bronze and with an increased diameter, which guarantee better sliding in the short and long term with a replacement maintenance required every 50 hours.

Crankcase: The crankcase, CNC machined from solid, in aeronautical aluminum alloys such as Ergal 7075, ensures greater engine longevity and lighter weight. A product of excellence that can be customized thanks to the different colors available: red, orange, gold, silver, green and blue.



Cycle: 2 Strokes

Swept volume: 184.7 cc
Power: 27 hp at 8.800 RPM
Intake: Carbon fiber airbox - Walbro carburetor - Reed valve intake
Cooling: Extraction from propeller, cooling shroud included
Starter: Pull starter - 3S (Soft Starter System)
Clutch: Centrifugal clutch - CNC machined
Reduction drive: Ratio 1/2.87
Exhaust pipe: Hand-made pipe and DB-killer system, second joint, silencer pipe in carbon fiber
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline - Synthetic oil 2.5%
Consumption: 4.0 liters/hour at 30 kgs of static thrust, prop. 140 cms at 5.000 RPM
Weight: 13.7 kgs
Max Thrust: 93 kgs prop. 140 cms at 9.000 RPM
Other characteristics: Engine carter case CNC machined from solid aluminum alloy 7075 – Crank rod machined from solid -Carbon fiber airbox – Carbon fiber exhaust bracket - Carbon fiber propeller plate - Carbon fiber cooling shroud - Full kit of titanium screws - Iridium spark plug


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