E Prop 3 Blade Carbon Fiber Propeller 2.86 Reduction for Vittorazi Moster 185 - Free Shipping CONUS!

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E Prop - Carbon Fiber Prop for Vittorazi Moster 185 with Extra Cooling profile. Free Shipping CONUS!


E-PROPS has signed an agreement with the VITTORAZI company concerning the PLUG'n'FLY models for the engine MOSTER 185. 

E-Props has designed new exclusive models with extra-cooling system with the VITTORAZI company. 

DESCRIPTION : PLUG and FLY propellers, full carbon, very light, in three sectional parts, high thrust, with extra-cooling system 

For VITTORAZI MOSTER 185 with 2.86 Reduction.

3-blades diameters : 125 and 130 cm 

Rotation : counter clockwise 

Holes : 6M6d60 (6 screws dia 6 mm on a circle of 60 mm dia)