PPG Smoke System Installation Instructions

Here's how to install your new PPG Smoke System!

  • Drill a 7mm hole 7.5cm from your exhaust port on the head of your PPG
  • Insert rivnut, compress
  • Apply high temp 450° thread locker to the injection nozzle threads
  • Tighten injection nozzle, ensure washer is in place
  • Route tubing and smoke toggle safely, zip tie
  • Insert 4 AA batteries into pump, fill fluid container

Moster 185 Installation

Following the instructions above, on the Vittorazi Moster 185 paramotor engine it is recommend you do not use a rivnut gun durring installation. There are numerous YouTube videos on how to compress a rivnut without tooling. For more information click the link below.


This also prevents you from having to drill a very large second hole the diameter of the rivnut gun compression end. The exhaust heat shield (second layer of material on the exhaust) prevents the rivnut from being inserted all the way into the exhaust.

Drill a 7mm hole in the exhaust as above and an 8.5mm hole in the exhaust heat shield so the compression lip on the rivnut will fit into the exhaust itself, passing through the heat shield. Compression of the rivnut should take place with the rivnut fully inserted into the actual exaust portion of the Moster 185 engine, and not the heat shield. The installation location is notated in the image below.

Moster 185 Paramotor Smoke System installation location



  • Power on the pump switch
  • Run engine up to standard EGT temp
  • With engine running, prime fluid in the pump by half-pressing the smoke toggle
  • Full press the smoke toggle to turn on, press again to turn off. Do not accidentally fill exhaust or head with smoke fluid by leaving the smoke toggle on.