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Vittorazi Moster 185 MY20-MY22 25/50hr service kit by SkySportsUSA.net.

We assembled this kit to service the 7 spring Moster 185 Plus at the 50hr mark. This kit also include two M020 BR9ES spark plugs and two MP093D snap locks that should be replaced every 25hrs.  

 Moster 185 Plus Maintenance Manual: Available Here


1- .3oz Molykote - enough for multiple applications. !!! Use Sparingly !!! Any excess has the potential to fling off and wind up on your wing.

1- Bronze Bushing

7- Exhaust Springs Included

7- Shrink Wrap

4- Safety Cables

4- Cable Crimps

2- BR9ES Spark Plugs

2- MP093D Snap Lock Female Grey