Women's Gyde Heated Wear S7 Gloves

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Gyde Heated Wear Women's S7 Gloves / Batteries and a dual wall charger included. 

Your hands will never be warmer than inside our S7 Glove. This full-length gauntlet glove keeps the elements at bay whilst premium insulation locks the heat in for as long as you need. A Cyberian Cordloc™ system keeps the glove secure and the touchscreen compatible index finger allows you to use your smartphone anytime. Control the temperature via the three-level silicone switch built into the glove. Powered by our Gyde 7v lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

Technical Specs

• Cyberian Cordloc™ System

• Chamois thumb

• Touchscreen compatible index finger

• Thee level silicone switch 

• 125º F maximum heat

• Powered by Gyde 2.6 mah 7v lithium ion battery

• Battery runs for 6hrs on low power, 4hrs on medium and 2hrs on high

Bluetooth adapter to control gloves with your phone sold separately.