*All New* MY200 Muffler w/out Silencer | Vittorazi Moster 185 MY20

Was: $399.99
Now: $339.99
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*All New* MY200 7 Spring Muffler without the Silencer for the Vittorazi Moster 185 MY20 Plus Manual and Dual Start. Comes Ready to install. Genuine Vittorazi part.

Comes with Everything to bolt on to your Moster 185 MY19.
Includes: Gasket - M137, Lock Nuts - M019, Washers – M138a, Exhaust Flange – MY142, Exhaust Vibration Mount – 151a, Exhaust Vibration Mount – 151c, Silencer Gasket – MP155, Exhaust Support – ME150, Washers – M018a, Rubber Spacer – M141